Important Announcement       

March 6th, 2022


Dear Fairview Friends,

The Lord has called me to a new place and means of serving Him and working in His Kingdom. I have accepted a chaplaincy at a low-income residence in East Vancouver, and will begin my duties there on April 5th.

For this reason, as I announced from the pulpit on Sunday, March 6th, this will be my last month of serving as pastor of Fairview Baptist Church. Though there is always great sadness in parting, I am sincerely and tremendously thankful for the past 8 years of friendship, fellowship, service and worshiping together.

I pray that the Lord will provide you with a good pastor to continue your journey, and that you will thrive in the Holy Spirit. The Lord is truly good—and if you follow Him and nothing else, you will indeed thrive. It is only when we resist Him and do not walk in step with Him that we suffer and go astray. Always seek first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness. Always strive to live according to the word of God. Follow Jesus in all things, and you will overcome and win the crown of eternal life. May God be with you.

In Christ,

Stephen Hasbrouck